The Union

34 great cross

Government: Democratic Republic
Head of State: President Theodore Roosevelt
Population: 30,000,000
National Anthem: Battle Hymn of the Republic

The Union were the losing forces of the American Civil War, consisting of the Northern States opposed to the South’s slavery. The Union remains the only nation in the world not to practice Pythian physics, choosing instead to follow the principles of Newtonian physics.

The old United States was always weary of Pythian science. Due to Christianity’s pervasive influence in the continent, magical science has never caught on as many there believed it to be witchcraft and going against the word of God. Therefore Pythian science was looked upon with great weariness, and many states limited its practice. The American Civil War only exacerbated the problem, since many northerners saw foreign (mostly British) interference as the reason they lost the war. Not only was their president (Abraham Lincoln) assassinated through use of a Pythian phase resonance, but British sorcerers were among the Confederate forces who lay siege and eventually burned Washington, D.C.

After the Civil War, the Union retreated into itself and adopted an isolationist doctrine. All foreign embassy personnel were expelled, and trading with foreign merchants was banned. Although we are unsure of what has happened in the intervening years since the end of the war, we can conclude from various expatriates and spies about recent events. The Union had completely outlawed the practice of Pythian physics, relying instead on advancing the arcane methods of Newtonian science. In the thirty odd years since their defeat, the Union has rebuilt their forces and advanced to levels unprecedented. This is not surprising considering that they control vast resources stretching the entirety of North America.

Although Newtonian science is inferior, one can not help but be impressed by the Union’s advances in it. Their naval ships are quite the sight, black and ominous and covered in steel. They are sail-less, powered by some unknown esoteric method that their demented sorcerers have dreamed up. The Union’s forces also have advanced the outdated muskets and pistols, though theirs are more advanced, firing multiple shots and using self-contained ammunition.

The Union is considered by most in the United Kingdom to be its greatest threat. Although this nation is completely isolated and keeping to itself, many in Parliament and the Universities worry at the advances made by Union scientists and eye its growing military strength with unease. Her Majesty, Queen Empress Victoria, had attempted numerous times to reestablish diplomatic relations with the mysterious nation, but all entreaties were denied. For now, it seems the Union is intent to remain alone and in the shadows of world events.

The Union

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