The Confederate States of America

Confederate proposed 1861

Government: Democratic Republic
Head of State: President Andrew Chester Bullock
Capital: Richmond
Population: 9,800,000; 3,200,000 slaves
National Anthem: God Save the South

The CSA was formed after the American Civil War, when the Southern states won their bid for secession from the Union.

The American Civil War was fought when the slave states of the South rebelled due to their desire to keep the practice of slavery. The Southern states also wished to increase the practice of Pythian science, which was heavily regulated in the old United States. The Civil War was long and bloody, only ending in 1867 when Confederate forces (with the aid of British sorcerers) burned Washington, D.C. The South won a resounding victory, and the Union forces retreated north to lick their wounds. The UK interceded, brokering a cease fire which has resulted in a long, if tenuous, peace.

The Confederacy has close ties with its UK ally, relying much on Britain’s armed forces for protection from its increasingly powerful neighbor to the north. In return, the CSA provides the UK with an abundance of resources, from food to textiles, as well as raw materials such as lumber and ore.

The CSA is an anomaly among nations for the fact that it not only practices Pythian science but also worships the Christian religion. Unlike in Europe, the Christian faith was not wiped out in America after the Great Scientific Enlightenment. The Church in the New World had in fact grown, with various Protestant denominations in North America while South America had a large Catholic following. In the Confederacy, the Christian faith is strong. To add to the strangeness, many Confederate scientists are also devout Christians. This leads many scientists in Europe to see their Confederate brethren as misguided and puerile, though the Universities have not gone so far as to label them as heretics. Despite their misgivings, the European Universities know that they need the Confederacy since it is the only power in the Western Hemisphere capable of standing against the isolationist but powerful Union.

The Confederacy’s system of slavery has divided the European populace. Many noblemen as well as common citizenry find the system deplorable, and much debate has gone on as to whether they should be allies with the CSA at all. In fact, France and Prussia refuse to acknowledge the CSA as a sovereign nation because of it. The UK’s stance seems to be a wait and see approach, as they hope their influence on the young nation will eventually show the CSA that they can live without it.


The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland

The Confederate States of America

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