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The world of Phase Resonance is much different from our own. Though it is still the Victorian Era, Britain is much different from the one our own timeline experienced. With the advent of Pythian physics, magic is a tried and true branch of science. This has changed much, from technology to society.

The Science of Magic

Pythian physics, named after the oracle at Delphi, is the branch of science that deals with magic. Developed from the medieval practices of alchemy and the occult, Pythian physicists have broken down the arts of magic and spellcasting into a true scientific process. Through centuries of research and development, new technologies and processes were created, allowing breakthroughs in medicine, transportation, energy and warfare. Items crafted through magic are common household items, and sorcerers performing phase resonances are a typical sight.

* More About Pythian Physics. This page will speak more about Pythian physics, as well as the four main focuses of this branch.

The Nations of the World

Here are the various nations of interest within the world:

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland

The French Third Republic

Kingdom of Prussia

Russian Empire

The Greater Japanese Empire

Celestial Empire of China

The Confederate States of America

The Union

City of London

London is the Capital of the United Kingdom and the central city where most of the events of the story take place. It is home not only to Buckingham Palace, but the Houses of Parliament, the Universities of Cambridge and Walcott, not to mention the infamous Tower of London and the headquarters of the Rawthorne Foundation.

Main Page

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