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Welcome Scientists and Sorcerers!

The year is 1896, the place is the city of London in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.

The British Empire is the most powerful nation on earth, its territory stretching to all corners of the globe. From the Far East colonies of India, Hong Kong, and Australia, to the deepest jungles of dark Africa, the Union Jack flies tall and proud. All hail the name of Queen Empress Victoria, whose armies have brought culture and civilization to numerous savage lands.

The UK owes its supremacy to its great learned institutions of science. Without its grand universities, such as Cambridge and Westcott, then the Empire would certainly fall. These centers of learning not only perform ground breaking research, but set the standard for higher learning and scientific ethics throughout the kingdom. Their scientists and sorcerers are the most brilliant in the world, a fact proven through the UK’s immense technological and military prowess.

All Hail the Queen, and may the flag of Britain fly over the earth!

Home Page

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