Celestial Empire of China


Government: Dynastic Empire
Head of State: Dowager Empress Cixi
Population: 500,000,000
National Anthem: Cup of Solid Gold

China is the world’s oldest nation. It is also the world’s oldest practitioner of Pythian science, though the mystics of the region did not call it that at the time. Wu Xing, or Chinese Sorcery, was more advanced than the European alchemy of the same era, and most of the equations and methods in modern day science is derived from Wu Xing. Although most sorcerers in the Celestial Empire are trained in modern scientific methods, many still retain certain facets of this ancient Chinese sorcery.

China itself is ruled by the Dowager Empress Cixi, who has a massive system of bureaucracy in place to keep the government working. Once the greatest nation on earth, China has seen recent decline due to their inability to keep up with European advancements in technology. Although they were the first to formulate a scientific system for magic, they failed to keep up with modern advances until the West far outpaced them. Conflict culminated in the Opium Wars, which began as a trade dispute between China and the British Empire. The Opium Wars resulted in defeat for China, a humiliation to the Celestial Empire and her people.

China remains independent, though perhaps only technically. The Empress and her officials are all but ruled by the whims of the West’s merchant companies, who freely export Opium into the nation and who demand more and more trade concessions. Many of China’s immense population are growing more anti-West in their views, and open rebellion seems to be brewing. The Opium trade has also caused crime and corruption to take root, and organizations such as the Triads and the Righteous Harmony Society have sprung up.

Although many in Europe see China as nothing but a weak, barbaric nation, there are many who have been growing fearful of recent events in the country. They wonder if it is wise to keep provoking the nation with the largest population in the world. They also wonder if China may have ties with the Union, as there is a sizable Chinese immigrant population on America’s west coast.

Celestial Empire of China

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