Kingdom of Prussia

800px flag of prussia 1892 1918.svg

Government: Constitutional Monarchy
Head of State: Kaiser William II
Capital: Berlin
Population: 25,000,000
National Anthem: Song of Prussia

The Kingdom of Prussia is the largest state in the collection of kingdoms known as the German Empire. Prussia comprises two-thirds of the empire’s land mass and population, and its ruling house makes imperial policy.

Prussia, and by extension the German Empire, is the most powerful state on the continent. Under their new emperor, William II, the kingdom entered a phase of militarism and nationalism. With growth in both the military and industry, the Empire seeks to flex its muscle on the world stage. Acquiring numerous colonies in both Africa and Asia, colonies which helped provide the fledgling Empire with both funds and resources to fuel their march into the next century.

Prussia’s many centers of learning, most notably the Berlin Institute of Technology, are some of the best in the world and rival the prestigious Universities of the UK. They have come up with numerous technological advances and their fields in research and development are said to surpass even the British. In fact, unlike in the UK, Prussia has no ban on Chimeric Studies. Many speculate that this is the reason for Prussia’s superiority in medical sorcery.

The German Empire has become somewhat isolated in Europe during the last few years. This is due to William II’s increasingly aggressive expansionist policies, which have all but alienated the empire from its long-time allies Russia and the UK. (Point of fact, William II is related to Queen Empress Victoria; she is his grandmother.)

Kingdom of Prussia

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