Queen Empress Alexandrina Victoria

Sovereign Ruler of the United Kingdom


Born in 1819, Queen Empress Victoria has ruled the nation for over seven decades. Despite this, her current appearance is still that of a young woman. This is a testament to the talents of the royal house’s impressive collection of court sorcerers, who are the best in the world when it comes to medical science.

The Queen is very popular with her subjects, despite her lack of public appearances ever since the death of her beloved husband Prince Albert. She has taken to wearing black mourning clothes and is never seen without her loyal manservant, John Brown.

The Queen has taken to attending more public events lately, in order to bolster the spirits of her subjects. Since foreign relations are tense not only in South East Asia but with the Union as well, it is good public relations to have the Queen seen and be involved with all matter of public functions.


Queen Empress Alexandrina Victoria

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